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  • NJ-IEC is a well-managed, valuable asset to all its members. It is up to us to take advantage of all IEC has to offer. Spend ten minutes on their website to make yourself more familiar with their many benefits of Membership. I am proud to be a member of this premier organization. ”- Bruce Pilger, VP, Business Development, Warshauer Electric
  • The myriad of benefits and discount programs available to its members secures IEC’s ranking as the Premier Electrical Contractors Association for Merit Shop Electrical Contractors.”- Joseph Hovanec Jr., President, Advanced Electric Design And Service LLC
  • My membership in IEC has provided education and valuable information so I can conduct my business in this changing economy.”- Kevin J. Breen, President, Breen Electrical Contractors Inc.
  • Feldman Brothers fully supports the NJ-IEC, recognizing the value the association provides not only to the electrical contractor but to the industry as a whole.”- Kirk Kushnerick, Feldman Brothers Electric Supply
  • As the industry has evolved and regulatory issues intensified, our association with IEC has been an invaluable resource to understand and respond to complex issues facing our customers.”- Jared DeRuby, Major Account Manager, CLP Resources
  • New Jersey IEC is the driving force working to protect Merit Shop Electrical Contractors from a constant onslaught of hurtful Legislation & Regulations forced upon the industry.”- Joseph Hovanec Jr., President, Advanced Electric Design And Service LLC
  • IEC is not only a technical and trade related resource but has enabled me to gain valuable insight in business principles and strategies so I can conduct my business profitably.”- Kevin J. Breen, President, Breen Electrical Contractors Inc.
  • My Membership in IEC has saved my company many times our annual membership dues year after year.”- Joseph Hovanec Jr., President, Advanced Electric Design And Service LLC
  • NJ-IEC provides an environment of learning as well as a place where best practices can be shared by the electrical contractors and associate members.”-Kirk Kushnerick, Feldman Brothers Electric Supply
  • Every IEC Convention I have attended has provided me with at least one thing that when applied to my the bottom line recoups my cost to attend many times over.”- Joseph Hovanec Jr., President, Advanced Electric Design And Service LLC
  • CLP's partnership with IEC has provided the in-depth industry knowledge necessary for CLP to provide workforce solutions that are current and relevant for electrical projects requiring skilled labor for any job no matter how complex.”- Jared DeRuby, Major Account Manager, CLP Resources
  • Membership in IEC has enabled me to form joint ventures with fellow members to take on larger projects that I could never have completed on my own.”- Joseph Hovanec Jr., President, Advanced Electric Design And Service LLC
  • I have been with the IEC for 13+ years. Being a part of a National organization affords me the opportunity to build relationships with contractors across the US, exposure to government agencies to ensure the electrical industry's needs are heard and met, and obtain educational credits in the industry that I've been working in for 32 years.”- Douglas (Casey) Hoff III, Owner, Hoff's Electrical Service, LLC

About New Jersey IEC

New Jersey IEC members follow the following mission:


The mission of NJ-IEC is to enhance the independent electrical contractor’s success by developing a professional workforce, communicating clearly with government, promoting ethical business practices, and providing leadership for the electrical industry.

What is Important to us?

New Jersey IEC members adhere to the following goals and guidelines:

  • Safety first
  • Promotion of the "Open Shop" philosophy
  • Strive to achieve the highest level of ethical behavior, integrity, and professionalism
  • Commitment to lifetime learning and an educated workforce
  • Strive to reduce costs and improve productivity


The New Jersey IEC is a statewide chapter of a national trade association representing approximately 3,500 merit shop electrical contracting companies in over 50 chapters across the country. New Jersey IEC members are considered among the best in the industry, with members spanning the entire state of New Jersey. New Jersey IEC provides its members with continuing education and training, governmental affairs representation, networking, renewable energy programs and training, safety and workforce development. New Jersey IEC Apprentice Program is considered the premier state and federally approved Apprentice Program available for merit shop electrical contractor apprentices in the State Of New Jersey. New Jersey IEC’s industry partners are highly respected in the industry and are considered the go-to distributors, industry associates, and manufacturer representatives for New Jersey’s electrical contractors.