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NJIEC Letter - Assembly Bill 6108

NJIEC Lobbyist wrote a letter to NJ officials requesting a conditional veto of Assembly Bill 6108 including:

The New Jersey Independent Electrical Contractors Association (NJ-IEC) represents merit shop electrical contractors1 in the state and respectfully requests the Governor conditionally veto Assembly Bill 6108. NJ-IEC’s opposition to Assembly Bill 6108 and suggested recommendations are below.

NJ-IEC opposes moving the Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors out of the Division of Consumer Affairs under the Attorney General into the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

The definition of journeyman is being amended to change the title (no issue), require a license (no issue), and allow for a journeyman to become licensed by the Board pursuant to NJSA 45:5A-11.1 et al, without having to take an exam (very big issue). There should not be multiple paths for journeymen, and only journeymen, to engage in the electrical contracting business, including skipping the passage of an exam.

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