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UCR (Unified Carrier Registration)

  • In New Jersey commercial motor vehicles (CMV) are regulated by the NJ State Police. NJ State Police regulations at NJAC 13:60-2.1(d)1 require any CMV 10,001 pounds or more with a gross vehicle weight rating, registered weight, or combination weight rating (meaning vehicle and trailer) must obtain a USDOT number. The 10,001 pound threshold is met if any one of the three GVWR, registered weight , or combination is met. To obtain a USDOT number you must file a MCS150 and that must be updated every two years. Anyone who drives a CMV with a USDOT number must have an annual USDOT physical from a USDOT approved doctor and is governed by the drivers hours of service regulations.

  • UCR is the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR). The UCR assess fees to provide for highway safety and enforcement. If you have a USDOT number you must participate in the UCR, even if your state doesn’t participate directly, which is the case with NJ. See pages 9 and 10 of the link.

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